In our article showing how the non-profit First Book is flooding schools across the nation with sexually explicit books, we highlighted the picture book Jack (not Jackie). While doing our research into First Book we were troubled to learn that the Pittsburgh Public Schools created and made available a lesson plan to go with this book. This lesson has children question their gender and sexuality.

In this picture book, which is marketed to children 4 years old and up, Susan is upset that her younger sister likes ties and playing with bugs, and does not enjoy dolls and other toys Susan enjoys. By the end of the book, Susan’s sister is no longer her sister Jackie, but now identifies as her brother, Jack. 

The lesson plan provided by Pittsburgh Public Schools instructs students to draw “two pictures or versions of yourself. For instance, perhaps somebody (a sister, brother, friend, parent, teacher) thinks of you as being one way, but you are actually another way. Draw that. Or, perhaps you like being different ways at different moments. What would you look like during those moments? How would you feel?…”

If you think a school instructing students to draw alternative versions of themselves was outrageous, it gets worse. If students do not want to draw alternative versions of themselves, this lesson instructs them to “act out these different versions of yourself.” And asks, “What version feels the most comfortable to you?”

This is not a lesson that teaches acceptance of others. The intent of this lesson is clear; it is to encourage children to question the way they act, question the way their parents perceive them, and possibly identify with the LGBTQ community. There is not an option for a student to draw a picture of how they are and how their friends and family perceive them correctly. The lesson tells students to act and draw themselves in a way that others do not perceive them. This means, it forces and encourages students, especially after a book on transgenderism, to explore different gendered or sexual versions of themselves. 

This very troubling revelation leads to other troubling questions such as: how many schools in America are having students read this book or sit through a lesson like this? How is this book and lesson going to affect the mental health of our children and the health of their families? This book is unacceptable in schools, and this lesson is nothing but a sick and twisted pathway to promote an agenda from perverts who found their way into this school district.