Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teacher’s (the second largest teachers union in America), has been promoting disinformation that fuels the fires of hatred. Her distortion of reality is an intentional act to sustain her narrative against President Trump and other patriotic Americans.

Weingarten’s statements that “the fires were wrong but they are a rage borne out of the failure to bring the 4 police officers to justice,” excuses the rioters. Her lie that President Trump called for violence against protesters, instead of saying rioters, makes the President seem like a dictator. Finally, her hypocrisy that she excuses the rioters and fires, and then has the headquarters of her union boarded up to prevent any looting, shows she is only fine with the destruction of other people’s property.

Weingarten’s audience is not limited to members of the teachers union and parents, but includes America’s youth as well. Through the widely popular Share My Lesson, which is owned and operated by the AFT, Weingarten’s false accusations are assembled into lesson plans for teachers to use across the country. In one particular lesson created from their “Today’s News, Tomorrow’s Lesson” section, the AFT misrepresented President Trump’s actions by saying that he has “called for violence against protestors,” when in fact he has only called for restoring safety to the streets that have been consumed with life-threatening violence from rioters.

As students are repeatedly subjected to the corruption of facts by their teachers, their perception of America will be severely distorted, leading to even more slander of America’s past and the destruction of its future. The Locke Society aims to save America’s dignity and future by encouraging conservatives to join the educational field. We need teachers who will stand up to the institutionalized bias forced on them through these powerful organizations. The only way to fix the problem in education, is to be the solution. Please support us here.