Many people who claim to be “experts” leading the opposition to the radical left do not understand the word curriculum, nor do they understand the art of teaching which has led to many failed attempts to disrupt the radical left’s control over education. For politically motivated teachers, they do not not need a curriculum to push their agenda, they can do it on their own, though the myriad of resources they have available does help. Unfortunately, underestimating the power of the teacher has been the right’s Achilles’ heel, and understanding the power of the teacher has been the left’s ultimate advantage. 

A new film, Reflecting on Anti-bias Education in Action: The Early Years, is set to show just how powerful teachers are and how their fearlessness allows them to act on their political motivations in the classroom. A screening of the film will be hosted by Embrace Race, one of the most disturbing resources of the radical left. In explaining the film, John Nimmo shares that anti-bias education does not come from a workbook, but from the hearts and minds of teachers who have internalized it so much so that they could easily integrate anti-bias education into nearly every aspect of their teaching. 

“[Anti-bias education] really permeates everything you do in an early childhood setting. It’s not a set curriculum. It’s not a plan, although you’ll see many strategies in the film, but […] it’s going to be different depending on your particular setting, your families, the children, and your community, the place you’re in and the social identities of the people who are in there.”

Nimmo continues, “we also believe very strongly in an active and strong view of teachers of young children and families of young children, that you are making decisions at every moment in the day as part of addressing bias, recognizing bias, and also giving children the tools to work against bias. We see in this film, we tried to view the teachers as the decision-makers, the experts in their own classrooms and that we believe strongly that doing nothing when it comes to bias is always doing something. You always have to do something.”

Spreading the message that “anti-bias education is possible and doable in all kinds of settings,” the film is encouraging to teachers who are committed to politically motivated teaching but may have been worried about the latest attacks on and threats to their philosophy. Nimmo and his colleagues who collaborated on the film share that teachers need not worry that their agenda will be negatively impacted. In the film, teachers committed to anti-bias education will have role models who use their voices and actions “to [make] equity and diversity a part of their life and their classroom experience.”

The greatest solution to countering the radical left’s enormous influence in education is to recruit moderate and conservative teachers in the field. Although many who are not teachers will argue that teachers are powerless, those who are teachers know their power and strength in the classroom. If moderate and conservative teachers use their creativity and the advantages of contemporary teaching methods (i.e. student-centered learning), they can protect their students from the radical left’s damaging agenda. Until conservatives recognize the strength and power of individual teachers, nothing will change. Reviewing a school’s curriculum, or pre-approved educational material, with the goal to eliminate divisive and politically charged materials is a noble task. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, it will not stop harmful CRT/”social justice”/DEI materials from being consistently featured in classrooms across America. The many attempts of pushing useless legislation has this film to show for it, and more to come as the radical left continues pouring money, time, and resources into deepening their control over education.