While many Americans celebrated the birthday of our great nation this weekend, the radical far left organizations who control our nation’s educational institutions used their time and platforms to disparage the country they claim to love. Just a quick scroll through some of their social media feeds shows how much disdain they have for our nation as they took to promoting extreme anti-American sentiment on our country’s birthday. 

The National Museum of American History failed to acknowledge the meaning of Independence Day on July 4th, but did their part in adding to the divisiveness plaguing America. With their poor definition of the word patriotism, the American History Museum instigated Americans to get angry, find their issue with America, and act on it. They want Americans to take “accountability for how we’ve harmed,” and “acknowledge privilege” when “celebrating” Independence Day. Their hollow reference to 1776 was pathetic, though now expected, for a disgraced Smithsonian Institution

Learning for Justice (formerly known as the intolerant Teaching Tolerance) proved once again how inept they are at being able to name themselves. An organization that should be named for the hate group they are, they used Independence Day as an opportunity to denounce America, Americans, and spread hate throughout the nation. The words they shared disparaging America more accurately reflect their own legacy of spreading falsities and demanding a blind allegiance

Surprisingly, though not so much if you know the radicals running it, iCivics completely missed Independence Day. They are sure to be sorry when they learn that they missed an opportunity to join in on bullying patriotic Americans and further denouncing the country that has allowed them all to fill their bank accounts. Good thing they are the leading resource for civics education in America. 

To “celebrate” Independence Day, Facing History and Ourselves shared their “We the People of the United States” reading from their Holocaust and Human Behavior unit in which they have students make connections between America’s denial of human rights to that of Nazi Germany. In this unit, students will also find texts questioning America’s foundation of freedom and its place of refuge for those persecuted in other countries

Teach For America, which would be more accurately named if it was called Teach Against America, also found it appropriate to disparage the country they named themselves for on its birthday. Not only does Teach For America breed radical educators to “disrupt and dismantle” American virtues and values, but they also breed hate for a country plagued by injustice.

The American Anthropological Association found it appropriate to share a lesson from the Zinn Education Project that was irrelevant to July 4, 1776, but serves their agenda in further dividing Americans and fostering extreme hatred for one’s country. 

Sadly, celebrations of Independence Day will be overwhelmed by radical leftists who are spreading hate and fostering extreme divides between Americans. One may wonder when they will come to the realization that the nation they denounce is the nation that allows them to promote their radical agenda. While they one day wish to see communism in America, their dreams will not become reality if freedom-loving Americans are willing to stand up for the country they love and do needs to be done in the classroom to free it from the grips of the radical left. 

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